Powerchord Episode May 27, 2017

Saturday celebrations of Modified Ghost Festival & BC Hydra 1 year anniversary spinning hesher records!

12:58pm - 3:03pm

Heyo! A call to classic tunes with Rainbow, Girlschool, Angel WItch, Razor, Metallica and much more.
Highlight of Modified Ghost and some new tunes!

Track Listing:

Evil Invaders
Razor · Evil Invaders
Burn You Down
Witch Mountain · 12inch single
Wake · Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow
Bushwacker · The False Dilemma
Death Always Wins
Dead Asylym · Death Always Wins
You're Cut Off
Municipal Waste · The Fatal Feast (Waste in Space)
Mind Mold · Mind Mold
Viral Mantra
Maou Mindu · Grind Against Humanity
Obscene Humanity
Nails · Obscene Humanity
Primiitve Man · Fear/ A Life Of Turmoil Demo
Exciter · Violence and Force
Switch 625
Def Leppard · High and Dry
Starry Eyes
Motley Crue · Too Fast For Love
Over The Mountain
Ozzy Osbourne · Diary of a Madman
Atom Smasher
Cirith Ungol · King of the Dead
Blue Demon
Reveal · Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth
Metallica · Kill em All
Kill the King
Rainbow · Long Live Rock and Roll
Angel Witch · Angel Witch
Nuns have no fun
Mercyful Fate · Mercyful Fate (EP)
Georgia Street
S.T.R.E.E.T.S. · Bobognargnar
Almost Cut My Hair
Dayglo Abortions · Two Dogs Fucking
Demolition Boys
Girlschool · Demolition
Damnation Alley
Bitch · Damnation Alley
The Hunter
Danzig · Danzig
In the Heat of the Night
Diamond Head · Borrowed Time
Whipping Sigils
Spell · For None and All
Bison · You Are Not The Ocean, You Are The Patient