Powerchord Episode May 13, 2017

No Shortage Of Shows

1:01pm - 3:05pm

...and we cover just about all of 'em...just about....whatever. Lots of great music and releases this week, you should definitely listen!

Track Listing:

Conan · Revengeance
Primal Bloom
North · Light The Way
Mendozza · Cabra Noche
The Great Attractor
Heron · Fire Twin
Branches Of Yew
Full Of Hell · Trumpeting Ecstacy
Trollband · Samsara
The Mountain Man · Bloodlust
Mama, I'm Coming Home
Ozzy Osbourne · No More Tears
Digital Prison
Full Of Hell · Trumpeting Ecstacy
All Shall Sway
Finite · The Rancid Waters Of Existence
Death Division
Wolvhammer · Clawing Into Black Sun
Claws Of Perdition
Shining · IV: The Eerie Cold
Wormwitch · Strike Mortal Soil
Palm Reader
Woe Monger · Demo 2016
Dépérir · Dépérir
Fractured Quartz
Full Of Hell · Trumpeting Ecstacy
Amateur Sketch
Municipal Waste · Slime And Punishment
Fixated On Devastation
Dying Fetus · Wrong One To Fuck With
Storming Upon Knaves
Heresiarch · Death Ordinance
Mountains Crave · As We Were When We Were Not
Memory Palace
John Frum · A Stirring In The Noos