Powerchord Episode May 6, 2017


1:02pm - 2:57pm

Coleman and his wee daughter hit the studio to play heaps of stuff from current local gigs including: RIP, Hammerfall, Sabaton, Testament, Sepultura, Assimilation and much more.

Track Listing:

The Ruins of Beverast · Exuvia
War is Sorrow
Konform · Conform and Die
Woodhawk · Beyond the Sun
Let it Die
Dead Quiet · Dead Quiet
RIP · In the Wind
Faceless the Droids
West of Hell · Spiral Empire
The Samurai
Iron Kingdom · Ride For Glory
The Dragon Lies Bleeding
Hammerfall · Glory to the Brave
Let it Roar
Battle Beast · Battle Beast
Into the Fire
Sabaton · Primo Victoria
Over the Wall
Testament · The Legacy
Inner Self
Sepultura · Beneath the Remains
Angelus Noctium
Gatekeeper · Vigilance/Retaliation
Karmic Future
Assimilation · Laws of Power
Marunata · Réminisence
Through Vessels of Arcane Power
Suffering Hour · In Passing Ascension
Arcane Death Ritual
Sortilegia · Ingediemur Nocte Noctis
Spiritual Bloodshed
Triumvir Foul · Spiritual Bloodshed