Powerchord Episode April 29, 2017

April Ends, Serena Returns!

1:01pm - 3:00pm

Serena returns and plays some bangers from upcoming shows but gets mics mixed up so you can barely hear her. It gets rectified but y'all only want music anyway... don't deny!

Track Listing:

Full Of Hell · Trumpeting Ecstasy
Trumpeting Ecstasy
Full Of Hell · Trumpeting Ecstasy
Bringer Of Pain
Battle Beast · Bringer Of Pain
The Witch is Back
Crystal Viper · Queen of The Witches
Cleanse The Bloodlines
Unleash The Archers · Apex
The High Priest
Woodhawk · Beyond the Sun
The Glory And The Scum
Delain · Moonbathers
On And On
Call Of The Void · A.Y.F.K.M.
They Used Dark Forces
Seer · Vol. III & IV: Cult Of The Void
Shatter Their Bones
WTCHDR · Triumph And Despair
Angel Witch
Angel Witch · Angel Witch
Solar Cremation
The Hallowed Catharsis · Solar Cremation
The Grand Denial
Asphyx · Incoming Death
The Final Exploitation
Konform · Conform And Die
Mob Neurosis
Languid · Resist Mental Slaughter
Predator Vs. Prey
Rotting Slab · Dead In The Dirt
Drown In Ashes · Social Collapse EP
Alien Boys · Self-critical Theory
Killed By Death
Motorhead · Killed By Death
Rumors of War
High On Fire · Death Is This Communion
Mind Mold · Mind Mold
Black Angel
Satan's Hallow · Satan's Hallow