Powerchord Episode April 8, 2017

Mister Christopher's Variety Hour...s

1:03pm - 3:02pm

Music from upcoming gigs, new stuff..as always, and Chris manages to mostly maintain control after the first few minutes of utter confusion, which you won't hear here. HAHAHA editing myself to perfection suckers!

Track Listing:

Beyond The Bells
Satan's Hallow · Satan's Hallow
Fatal Immortality
Extremity · Extremely Fucking Dead
Being Able To Feel Nothing
Oathbreaker · Rheia
Three Gates
Khemmis · Hunted
.cease -?-
Nepenthes · scent
Everlasting Lie
Wormwitch · Strike Mortal Soil
Brant Bjork · Tao Of The Devil
The Sinking Chair
Royal Thunder · Wick
Black Wizard · New Waste
xbox riot
Ape War · This Is Fucked
Call Of The Void
Craters · Earthmover
Solid Brown · Our Rich Heritage
Talking Like a Idiot
Brass · No Soap Radio
Crawling Back To God
Full Of Hell · Trumpeting Ecstacy
Lost In Translation
Floodwalker · EP
Fire Twin
Heron · Fire Twin
Ghost Bath · Star Mourner
Waiting Around To Die
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic
Author & Punisher · Drone Machines
BOG · Mr. Mustard's Final Stint