Powerchord Episode March 18, 2017


12:59pm - 3:00pm

Mr. InGRIM plays selections from a number of upcoming gigs: The Decibel Tour with Kreator and Obituary; HIRS, Snorlax, and Domesticated at Black Lab; the Havok and Exmortus show; and the Assimilation album release house party in Langley. We also go deep on Markov Soroka and his three projects; Tchornobog, Aureole, and Slow. Very deathy/grindy one today.

Track Listing:

Kreator · Endless Pain
You Can't Stop Steel
Midnight · Satanic Royalty
Horrendous · Ecdysis
Circle of Tyrants
Obituary · Cause of Death
Crimson Butterfly
Domesticated · Crimson Butterfly
Ashes and Amethyst
SNORLAX · Wingpuller
You Can't Kill Us
HIRS · You Can't Kill Us
Laws of Power
Assimilation · Laws of Power
Tyrant's Blood · Into the Kingdom of Graves
Drunk as Fuck
Terrifier · Weapons of Thrash Destruction
Gutted Drawn and Quartered
Evilosity · Sickening Display of Redemption
Savagery Incarnate
Ogroem · S.C.U.M.B.A.G.
Covering Fire
Havok · Time is Up
Let Us Roam
Exmortus · Ride Forth
II: Hallucinatory Black Breath of Possession (Mountain-Eye Amalgamation)
Tchornobog · Tchornobog
II: Flight Over Aurora Borealis
Aureole · Aurora Borealis
Drowned II: Unsleep
Slow · Unsleep
Warsaw Rising
Hail of Bullets · Warsaw Rising
Chalice of Pus
Extremity · Extremely Fucking Dead