Powerchord Episode March 4, 2017

Rocking the airwaves with all kinds of METAL!

1:01pm - 2:59pm

Helion Prime "You Keep What You Kill" - Helion Prime
Metallica "Hit the Lights" - Various - Metal Massacre 1
Kreator "Totalitarian Terror" - Gods of Violence
Iron Reagan "Condition Evolution" - Crossover Ministry
Toxic Ruin "Rampage" - Subterranean Terror
Mortillery "Black Friday" - Shapeshifter
Enime "You Won't Drag Me Down" - Demon Inside
Teleport "The Monolith" - Ascendance
Titan's Eve "Another Day" - Chasing the Devil
Aggression "Demolition of Your Face" - The Full Treatment
Striker "Curse of the Dead" - Striker
Vendetta "Agency of Liberty" - The 5th
Power Trip "Ruination" - Nightmare Logic
Konform "Plague of Humanity" - Conform or Die
Bombnation "Redrum" - Crossovered with Rage
The Accused "Wrong Side of the Grave" - The Return of Martha Splatterhead
Altar of Betelgeuze "New Dawn" - Among the Ruins
Blood Region "Heroes" - For All the Fallen Heroes
Terveet Kadet "Message" - Musta Jumala
Rattus "Elainraadot Hintana" - Rattus (Ratcage)
Six Feet Under "Exploratory Homocide" - Torment
Immolation "The Distorting Light" - Atonement
Sinister "Black Slithering Mass" - Syncretism
Death Toll Rising "Born to Defile" - Infection Legacy
Fuck the Facts "Prey" - Desire Will Rot
Van Halst "Save Me" - single
Body Count "No Lives Matter" - Bloodlust
D.R.I. "As Seen on TV" - But Wait... There's More

Track Listing:

You Keep What You Kill
Helion Prime · Helion Prime
Hit the Lights
Metallica · Various - Metal Massacre 1
Totalitarian Terror
Kreator · Gods of Violence
Condition Evolution
Iron Reagan · Crossover Ministry
Toxic Ruin · Subterranean Terror
Black Friday
Mortillery · Shapeshifter
You Won't Drag Me Down
Enime · Demon Inside
The Monolith
Teleport · Ascendance
Another Day
Titan's Eve · Chasing the Devil
Demolition of Your Face
Aggression · The Full Treatment
Curse of the Dead
Striker · Striker
Agency of Liberty
Vendetta · The 5th
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic
Plague of Humanity
Konform · Conform or Die
Bombnation · Crossovered with Rage
Wrong Side of the Grave
The Accused · The Return of Martha Splatterhead
New Dawn
Altar of Betelgeuze · Among the Ruins
Blood Region · For All the Fallen Heroes
Terveet Kadet · Musta Jumala
Elainraadot Hintana
Rattus · Rattus (Ratcage)
Exploratory Homocide
Six Feet Under · Torment
The Distorting Light
Immolation · Atonement
Black Slithering Mass
Sinister · Syncretism
Born to Defile
Death Toll Rising · Infection Legacy
Fuck the Facts · Desire Will Rot
Save Me
Van Halst · single
No Lives Matter
Body Count · Bloodlust
As Seen on TV
D.R.I. · But Wait... There's More