Powerchord Episode February 25, 2017

Tag Team Champions Of The World

1:02pm - 3:04pm

Coleman and Christopher co host this one, finally premiering a new show Promo they spent all of 15 minutes making, highlight some of this weekends shows in Vancouver, and some of the new releases in the wide world of Metal.

Track Listing:

Poison Fumes
The Ominous Circle · Apalling Ascension
No Light/No Life
Haggatha · V
The Sickness Unto Death
Spell · For None And All
Bad Boys Running Wild
Scorpions · Love At First Sting
King Woman · Created in the Image of Suffering
Lion Strength
Unearthly Trance · Stalking The Ghost
Playing Poor
Whores. · Gold
Crepuscular Crescendo
Extremity · Extremely Fucking Dead
III — Horae Leprae : Cantus IV : I.N.O.P.I.A E.T. M.O.R.B.O.
Délétère · Per Aspera Ad Pestilentiam
Entheos · Le Zahir
The Jerusalem Syndrome
Panzerfaust · The Lucifer Principle
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic
Fire Twin
Heron · Fire Twin
Primal Bloom
North · Light The Way
Halo Of Crows
Mendozza · White Rhino
Palm Reader
Woe Monger · Demo 2016
Theater Of War
Opus Arise · Revelation