Powerchord Episode January 28, 2017

Tons of new stuff with a heavy Black Metal component!

1:01pm - 2:59pm

Getting heavy with lots of Canadian Metal (Kiss Thy Goat, Eohum, Endemise, Worse, The Waning Light) and diving into new songs from Mastodon and Pallbearer, and much more.

Track Listing:

Metropolis-Noir Rigs
Seven, Nines and Tens · Live at the SBC
Alcest · Kodama
Beds Are Burning the Midnight Oil
Worse · Demo
May Her Wrath Be Just
Black Anvil · As Was
Kiss Thy Goat · Ego Fum Papa
Pallbearer · Heartless
Your Corrupt Ways Sour The Hymn
Witch Mountain · Mobile of Angels
The Drop
The Waning Light · One Plague Shy of Utopia
Medevil · Conductor of Storms
Draconian Discipline
Helleborous · The Carnal Sabbath
Endemise · Anathema
Needles in your Skin
Oathbreaker · Rheia
The Lesser God
Dumal · Fane of the Clandestine
Eohum · Ealdfaeder
Rumors of War
High On Fire · Death is the Communion
Sultan's Curse
Mastodon · Emperor of Sand
Big Business · Command Your Weather