Powerchord Episode December 17, 2016

Sludgy Saturday Gettin' Stoked For Neurosis

1:02pm - 2:58pm

Christopher runs through some new sludge releases and gets fired up for Neurosis and the upcoming NYE show at Rickshaw!

Track Listing:

Grim Business
Iron Reagan · Crossover Ministry
Dream State Arsenal
Unearthly Trance · Stalking The Ghost
King Woman · Created In The Image of Suffering
The Final Failure
Abigail Williams · The Final Failure
Innate Dichotomy Transcendence
Vacuus · Eternal Continuum Hallucination
Call Of The Void
Craters · Earthmover EP
Get In The Van
Call Of The Void · A.Y.F.K.M.
Are You Fucking Kidding Me
Call Of The Void · A.Y.F.K.M.
Image Of Control
Sumac · What One Becomes
Nothing To Win
Yob · Clearing The Path To Ascend
A Shadow Memory
Neurosis · Fires Within Fires
Orders To Vaporize
Exterminatus · VENI VIDI VICI
Into Oblivion
Obsidian · Into Oblivion
Curton Bummings
Worse · Worse Demo
Desert Rat
Hasteroid · Respect The Depths
Final Ripper
Black Wizard · New Waste
He Whose Ox Is Gored · Fainting Room Collective Triple Six 7"