Powerchord Episode December 3, 2016

Metal? Metal! METAL!!!

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Andy Grotesque comes up and spins some Metal & Crossover. Mostly new some old and classic. Thanks for the requests!

Track Listing:

Balls to the Wall
Dirkshneider · Live.. Back to the Roots
Anciients · Voice of the Void
Locked In
Striker · Stand in the Fire
Reach Into the Light
Charred Walls of the Damned · Creatures Watching Over the Dead
Clap Like Ozzy
Suicidal Tendencies · World Gone Mad
External Nocturnal
S.N.A.F.U. · Present Day Plague
Against Me
D.R.I. · But Wait... There's More
Killing Yourself
Discharge · End of Days
Two Day Hangover
Hard Charger · Bad Omens
Demons from the Woodwork
Sludgehammer · The Fallen Sun
Fuck the Facts · Abandoned
Aces High
Arch Enemy · Rare and Unreleased
Poison Control Party Line
Twingiant · split w/Into the Storm
Winter's Doom
Sanktuary · Winter's Doom
Shotgun Justice
Razor · Shotgun Justice
I Fuckin' Hate You
NitemarE · Headin OFF to Saudi Arabia
I Am the Storm
Crowbar · The Serpent Only Lies
Silver Machine
Voivod · Post Society
Cryptic Enslavement · Ascension of Abhorrence
Sealclubber · Stoical
Dismantling the Throne
Gomorrah · The Haruspex
Day of Delirium
Carnage Inc. · Fury Incarnate
Abyssus · Once Entombed
Demolition of Your Face
Aggression · The Full Treatment
Iron Maiden · The Number of the Beast
Infernal Overdrive
Terrifier · Art of Manipulation