Powerchord Episode October 29, 2016


1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman returns to bring some spooky Halloween treats and tricks. Classics from King Diamond and Type O Negative as well as covering a glut of awesome upcoming gigs from Ulcerate, Vektor, SubRosa; also a new one from Bolzer.

Track Listing:

King Diamond · Fatal Portrait
Gilded Words Reaped
Mitochondrion · In Cronian Hour
Phobocosm · Bringer of Drought
Spewing Gloom
Zhrine · Unortheta
Shrines of Paralysis
Ulcerate · Shrines of Paralysis
The Mountain Man · The Great Decay
Sickness of the Mind
Nostrum · Painstaker EP
9 Gates of Shadow
Shrine of the Serpent · Shrine of the Serpent
Rearranged at a Subatomic Level
The Hallowed Catharsis · EP II: Organic Entrenchment
The Coming Storm
Exterminatus · Veni Vedi Vici
Ultimate Artificer
Vektor · Terminal Redux
Microcosmic Design
Astrakhan · Reward in Purpose
Call of the Void
Craters · Earthmover
SubRosa · No Help For the Mighty Ones
Spiritual Athleticism
Bolzer · HERO
Kane's Countenance Fell
Ruins of Beverast · Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Grind
Wormrot · Voices
All Hallows Eve
Type O Negative · World Coming Down