Powerchord Episode October 22, 2016

Round 2 with Chris at the helm

1:03pm - 3:01pm

More new releases Venom Prison, Alcest, Crowbar, Dark Throne, Oathbreaker and highlighting some recent and upcoming shows in Vancouver. Apologies for any weird track errors that may have occured as one of the broadcast programs wouldn't leave us alone!

Track Listing:

Forced Womb Animus
Venom Prison · Animus
Plasmic and Pure
Crowbar · The Serpent Only Lies
Death To Invaders
The Shrine · Rare Breed
Double Barrel
Ho99o9 · The Dope Dealerz/Double Barrel
200,000 feat Roger Mowat
Entity · Phobia of the Formless
The Infinity Gauntlet
Cell · The Frozen Moon of Erebath
Billowing Vervain
Auroch · Mute Books
Oathbreaker · Rheia
Alcest · Kodama
And The Slimy Flying Creatures Reproduce In Your Brain
Demilich · 20th Adversary of Emptiness
Vastum · Hole Below
Tundra Leech
Dark Throne · Arctic Thunder
Holy Living Holy Dying
Panzerfaust · Ephphatha
Devoid of Light
UADA · Devoid of Light
Satanas Haxan
Idolatry · Visions From the Throne of Eyes
He Whose Ox Is Gored · Fainting Room Collective Triple Six Series 7"
Spirit Horse
Mendozza · Mendozza
Alien Boys · Self-Critical Theory