Powerchord Episode October 1, 2016

Fall is upon us - cold like new Neurosis.

1:05pm - 2:59pm

New albums from heavy weights Neurosis, Crowbar, Opeth, Meshuggah, Gojira, and lots of Canadian metal!

Track Listing:

Hand of God
Brain Tentacles · Brain Tentacles
Anciients · Voice of the Void
Forgotten Arrows
Gorguts · Colored Sands
Fast Worms
Intronaut · The Direction of Last things
Devin Townsend Project · Transcendence
Falling While Rising
Crowbar · The Serpent Only Lies
Meshuggah · The Violent Sleep of Reason
Ich Bin Total
Valborg · Werwolf
Bending Light
Neurosis · Fires Within Fires
Die Wand
Tardigrada · Emotionale Odnis
Thy Serpents Tongue
Kataklysm · Of Ghosts and Gods
The Great Attractor
Heron · Fire Twin
Acid Fuzz
Toxic Holocaust · Chemistry of Consciousness
Violently Expanding Nothing
Thantifaxath · Thantifaxath
Moth Into Flame
Metallica · Hardwired to Self-Destruct
Gojira · Magma
None Shall Defy
Infernal Majesty · None Shall Defy