Powerchord Episode July 9, 2016

Journey Through the Genres

1:00pm - 3:02pm

Bridget plays a whole lot of psychedelic rock/metal, some new black metal. She also reads a passage on hardcore rap's relationship with metal from Ian Christie's Sound of the Beast. A special guest joins the show for a little bit and plays a couple of her favourite songs.

Track Listing:

Surrender or Die
Slaughter · Disintegrator Incinerator
New Orleans is the New Vietnam
Eyehategod · New Orleans is the New Vietnam
Slow Asphyxiation
Necrophobic · Demo
No Clean Singing
Noire · The Tracks of the Hunted
Wings of Malevolence
Kafirun · The Worship and Glorification of Holy Death
Wings of Anu
Inquisition · Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith
Bushwhacker · The False Dilemma
Rhyme Pays
Ice-T · Rhyme Pays
Inverted Serenity · Integral
The End
Van Halst · World of Make Believe
Lord of Suffering
Monolord · Single
Duel · Fears of the Dead
Banshee Call
Sweat Lodge · Talisamana
Light Years
Goya · The Enemy
Wretched Tongues
Wake · Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow
He Who's Ox is Gored · Fainting Room Collective
Coffin Birth
Wormwitch · single
Honey Bucket
Melvins · Houdini
Turned to Stone
Budgie · Nightflight
Kickstart my Heart
Motley Crue · Dr. Feelgood
The Shrine · Bless Off