Powerchord Episode June 11, 2016

Spotlight on bands that will be performing at Covenant Festival and much more.

1:00pm - 3:03pm

Covenant Festival spotlight with death, black and doom metal bands from all over the world and a showcase of Canadian metal.

Track Listing:

Hissing · Cairn/Husk S/T 7"
Escape to Cremation
Drawn and Quartered · Hail Infernal Darkness
Det Fins en Prims
Taake · Stidens Hus
(Slowly) Claimed by Oblivion
Spectral Voice · S/T
Mephitic Effluvia
Blood Incantation · S/T
Osculum Obscenum
Mystifier · Wicca
Leaden Words Sown
Auroch · In Cronian Hour S/T
Gilded Words Reaped
Mitochondrion · In Cronian Hour S/T
From Outer Spheres...Death
Temple of Abandonment · From Outer Spheres...Death
Hemotically Possessed
Dire Omen · Wrestling the Revelation of Futility
Cough · Still They Prey
Pull The Trigger
Ahna · Perpetual Warfare
Image of Control
Sumac · What One Becomes
Volahn · CN?-?30 Desert Dances and Serpent Sermons