Powerchord Episode June 4, 2016

New Metal out the Ying Yang!!

1:02pm - 3:01pm

Spotlights on Canadian Black Metal, some modern yet traditional Canadian metal bands and much more.

Track Listing:

Russian Circles · Guidance
Cloaca · Girl With Cock
Vhol · Adult Swim Singles
Dark Desires
Spell · For None And All
Bell of Tarantia
Gatekeeper · S/T
The Samurai
Iron Kingdom · Ride For Glory
The Sludgelands
Witchstone · Summon The End S/T
Basses Loaded
Melvins · Planet Distructo
Dark Revereance
Noire · Dark Revereance
Open Veins
Kafirun · The Worship and The Glorification of Holy Death
La Ou Nous Allons
Fortresse · Themes pour la Rebellion
Light The Way
North · Light The Way
Post Society
Voivod · Post Society
Gojira · Magma
Identite Dissociative
Wendess · MMXXIIII
Rigid Man
Sumac · What One Becomes