Powerchord Episode May 14, 2016


1:01pm - 3:05pm

We say farewell to one of the pioneers of Cascadian BM and welcome a new host to the Powerchord ranks!
Featuring stuff from local shows (Bosse-De-Nage, Galgamex, Magrudergrind) and a bunch of tunes from Bridget to get us acquainted with her taste (Bongripper, Trouble, Hoopsnake)

Track Listing:

Agalloch · Ashes Against the Grain
Conversion To The Cult of The Scythe
Finite · Void Cult Conspiracy
I Come From Downtown
Seven Nines and Tens · I Come From Downtown
The Industry of Distance
Bosse-De-Nage · All Fours
Reefer Sutherland
Bongripper · Hippie Killer
The Tempter
Trouble · Psalm 9
Hoopsnake · Curse of the White Widow
Taste the Cannon
Galgamex · Cult Ov Death
Of Redemption
Gross Misconduct · The Disconnect
10,000 Cuts
Cadaveric Lividity · Rotten
Golden Shell
Bushwhacker · The False Dilemma
Tool Time (Don't Call Me Bro)
Ogroem · PlacentE.P.
Our Filthy Hearts
WTCHDR · Triumph and Despair
Yautja · Split w. forn
Sacrificial Hire
Magrudergrind · II
Night I - Algid Gales
Toska · Toska
Inter Arma · Paradise Gallows
Vales beyond Dimension
Agalloch · The Serpent and the Sphere