Powerchord Episode April 23, 2016

A rocking sisterly time filled with several Black metal bands from Quebec, doom classics and some Japanese experimental metal.

1:00pm - 3:04pm

An episode filled with several Black Metal bands from Quebec, some doom classics from Candlemass and Electric Wizard. And a ridiculous amount of Canadian metal! Oh and I threw in some Japanese experimental noise metal too!!

Track Listing:

Wandering Times
Gorguts · Pleiades Dust
Les Bois Des Belles
Chasse-Galerie · Legendes S/T
Murmeres Nocturnes
Csejthe · Legendes S/T
Forteresse · Legendes S/T
Incense for the Damned
Electric Wizard · Time to Die
Blood From a Stone
We Hunt Buffalo · Blood From a Stone
Black Wizard · New Waste
Acme Apathy Emok
Endon · Mama
Melt Banana · Return of 13 Hedgehogs
The Wailing Sound
Chron Goblin · Backwater
Rock and Roll From Hell
Chapel · Satan's Rock and Roll
Satori Part 2
Flower Travellin' Band · Satori
Candlemass · Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
Mega Volcano
Shooting Guns · S/T
Tourments Des Limbes Glacials
Cantique Lepreux · Cendres Celestes
Waingro · Waingro
The Usurper (Celtic Frost cover)
High On Fire · Untitled Bonus 7 inch