Powerchord Episode April 9, 2016


1:00pm - 3:04pm

Heavy feature on the Modified Ghost festival. Suffocation, Power Trip, Toxic Holocaust, Intronaut, ABSU, shit loads more.
Plus new Gorguts and some classic Iron Maiden.

Track Listing:

Pierced From Within
Suffocation · Pierced From Within
Nuke the Cross
Toxic Holocaust · An Overdose of Death
Intronaut · Prehistoricisms
The Plague Of Am-Cogito Ergo Sum I Think Therefore I Am
Archspire · The Lucid Collective
Power Trip · Manifest Decimation
Hate Offering
Cult Leader · Lightless Walk
Anciients · Heart of Oak
Only The End of the World
Usnea · Split w. Ruin
Baptists · Bloodmines
The Kind I Hate
Aquitted · No Vision in the Eyes of Fools
Brain Trauma
Vacuus · Fragmentation of the Mind EP
Magic(k) Square Cipher
ABSU · Absu
Black Autumn, White Spring
Uada · Devoid of Light
Stripped of Your Dignity
Graveolence · Demo
Fear of the Dark
Iron Maiden · Fear of the Dark
Wasted Years
Iron Maiden · Somewhere in Time
Gorguts · Pleides' Dust
AHNA · Perpetual Warfare
Pestis Malevolus
Radioactive Vomit · Pestis Malevolus
Gamle Norig
Taake · Stridens Hus