Powerchord Episode February 13, 2016

(Almost) No Clean Singng

1:01pm - 3:05pm

Highlighting local shows from Vacuus, Black Wizard's album release show, SUMAC's return as well as old stuff from Panopticon and sampling the Cobalt/Lord Mantis connection. Basically, it's all very brutal and gross today.

Track Listing:

Towards a Dark Sky
Morbus Chron · Sweven
Seeding Infinity
Vaccuus · Fragmentation of the Mind EP
Zuckuss · Gamorrean Gangbang
10,000 Cuts
Cadaveric Lividity · Live
Harsh Time
Black Wizard · New Waste
Waingro · Mt. Hood
Thorn in the Lion's Paw
Sumac · The Deal
Heavy Party
Molten Lava · Heavy Party
In Reverence
Wolvhammer · Clawing into Black Sun
I am of Death (Hell Has Arrived)
Skeletonwitch · Serpents Unleashed
Living Eulogy
Panopticon · On the Subject of Mortality
Cobalt · Gin
Death Mask
Lord Mantis · Death Mask
Beast Whip
Cobalt · Slow Forever
Cannibal Corpse · Vile
Circle of the Tyrants
Obituary · Cause of Death
Tri-pack Master
Bongzilla · Amerijuanican
Love You To Death
Type O Negative · October Rust