Powerchord Episode January 23, 2016

Invisible Oranges, Behold!

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Lots of thrash and power metal today as we talk about the release of the Vancouver Metal Compilation, Zimmer's Hole, Enforcer, and the just announced Modified Ghost Fest!

Track Listing:

A National Acrobat
Black Sabbath · Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Of Redemption
Gross Misconduct · The Disconnect
Reborn (In Waves)
Without Mercy · Reborn
Beautiful Destroyer
Mournir · Demo
Decapitated by Beasts
Assimilation · Apotheosis EP
We Rule the Fucking Land
Zimmers Hole · When you were Shouting at the Devil...
Cut Your Sins Off
Aggression · Fractured Psyche Demons
Burning at Both Ends
Cauldron · In Ruin
Forgotten Sacrifice
Dead Asylum · General Carnage
Black Sun, Black Moon
Warbringer · IV: Empires Collapse
Mesmerized by Fire
Enforcer · Death by Fire
43% Burnt
Dillinger Escape Plan · Calculating Infinity
Liege of Inveracity
Suffocation · Effigy of the Forgotten
Nuke the Cross
Toxic Holocaust · An Overdose of Death
Killing Birds With Stones
Intronaut · Habitual Levitations
Power Trip · Manifest Decimation
Highland Tyrant Attack
Absu · The Third Storm of Cythrául
Two Minutes To Midnight
Iron Maiden · Powerslave
Winter Bane
Abbath · Abbath
You Won't Change Me
Black Sabbath · Technical Ecstasy