Powerchord Episode October 24, 2015

Powerchord - Oct. 24th, 2015

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Talking Rocktober! So many shows... Hoopsnake, Windhand, The Sword, Judas Priest; The 3 Inches of Blood farewell shows next month; and lastly the second wave of bands announced for next years Covenant fest in Vancouver! Darkness looms large!

VHOL "The Tomb" - Deeper Than Sky //

VHOL "Paino" - Deeper Than Sky //

Negative Standards "XVII" - Fetters //

Tempest "Shroud" - Tempest //

Hoopsnake "Spoonful" - Curse of the White Widow //

Dead Quiet "My Finest Hour" - Dead Quiet //

Windhand "Tanngrisnir" - Griefs Infernal Flower //

The Sword "Freya" - Age of Winters //

Judas Priest "Hell Bent for Leather" - Hell Bent for Leather //

3 Inches of Blood "Goatriders Horde" - Fire Up the Blades //

Black Wizard "Eliminator" - Eliminator single //

Erosion "Civilization Eclipse" - Kill Us All //

Shroud of the Heretic "Sprawling Black Mass Consumation" - Unorthodox Equilibrium //

Dire Omen "Onward With Wounds" - Wresting the Revelation of Futility //

Funeral Throne "Victory" - Threshold //

Spectral Voice "Rotting Auras" - Necrotic Doom //

Perdition Temple "The Tempter's Victorious" - The Tempter's Victorious //

Panopticon "Into the North Woods" - Autumn Eternal //

Vastum "Empty Breast" - Hole Below

Track Listing:

The Tomb
VHOL · Deeper Than Sky
VHOL · Deeper Than Sky
Negative Standards · Fetters
Tempest · Tempest
Hoopsnake · Curse of the White Widow
My Finest Hour
Dead Quiet · Dead Quiet
Windhand · Griefs Infernal Flower
The Sword · Age of Winters
Hell Bent for Leather
Judas Priest · Hell Bent for Leather
Goatriders Horde
3 Inches of Blood · Fire Up the Blades
Black Wizard · Eliminator single
Civilization Eclipse
Erosion · Kill Us All
Sprawling Black Mass Consumation
Shroud of the Heretic · Unorthodox Equilibrium
Onward With Wounds
Dire Omen · Wresting the Revelation of Futility
Funeral Throne · Threshold
Rotting Auras
Spectral Voice · Necrotic Doom
The Tempter's Victorious
Perdition Temple · The Tempter's Victorious
Into the North Woods
Panopticon · Autumn Eternal
Empty Breast
Vastum · Hole Below