Powerchord Episode October 10, 2015

Powerchord - Oct. 10, 2015

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman helms another two hours of brutal jams. Classic Maiden, Priest; brand new stuff from local thrashers Nylithia and Horrendous; tour announcements from Bell Witch and Killing Joke, and tons more.

Iron Maiden "Hallowed be thy Name" - Number of the Beast
Judas Priest "The Green Manalishi" - Hellbent For Leather
Earthless "Violence of the Red Sea" - From the Ages
We Hunt Buffalo "Comatose" - Living Ghosts
The Highway Kind "Don't Say Nothing" - The Highway Kind
Nylithia "Bludwolves" - Hyper Thrash
Fuck the Facts "Path of Most Resistance" - Desire Will Rot
Savage Master "The Ripper" - Mask of the Devil
Meridius "Conquer the Throne" - Meridius EP
Black Dahlia Murder "Vlad, Son of the Dragon" - Abysmal
Xul "Chaos Requiem" - Extinction Necromance
Vacuus "Fragmentation of the Mind" - Fragmentation of the Mind EP
VHOL "Red Chaos" - Deeper Than Sky
Horrendous "Ozymandias" - Anareta
Ape War "Buffalo Jump" - This is Fucked
Grave Ritual "Adversary Crown" - Morbid Throne
Sivyj Yar "The Snow Shall Fall a Long While" - Burial Shrouds
Bell Witch "Judgement, In Air: II – Felled (In Howling Wind)" - Four Phantoms
Killing Joke "I am the Virus" - Pylon
Slayer "God Send Death" - God Hates Us All

Track Listing:

Hallowed be thy Name
Iron Maiden · Number of the Beast
The Green Manalishi
Judas Priest · Hellbent For Leather
Violence of the Red Sea
Earthless · From the Ages
We Hunt Buffalo · Living Ghosts
Don't Say Nothing
The Highway Kind · The Highway Kind
Nylithia · Hyper Thrash
Path of Most Resistance
Fuck the Facts · Desire Will Rot
The Ripper
Savage Master · Mask of the Devil
Conquer the Throne
Meridius · Meridius EP
Vlad, Son of the Dragon
Black Dahlia Murder · Abysmal
Chaos Requiem
Xul · Extinction Necromance
Fragmentation of the Mind
Vacuus · Fragmentation of the Mind EP
Red Chaos
VHOL · Deeper Than Sky
Horrendous · Anareta
Buffalo Jump
Ape War · This is Fucked
Adversary Crown
Grave Ritual · Morbid Throne
The Snow Shall Fall a Long While
Sivyj Yar · Burial Shrouds
Judgement, In Air: II – Felled (In Howling Wind)
Bell Witch · Four Phantoms
I am the Virus
Killing Joke · Pylon
God Send Death
Slayer · God Hates Us All