Powerchord Episode October 3, 2015

Powerchord - Oct. 3, 2015

12:57pm - 3:00pm

Coleman returns highlighting local gigs from Overkill, Godflesh, M16, and Soulfly as well as a bunch of crushing new music from Abbath, Panopticon, Revenge, and many others. Shit's gettin' real!

Overkill "Fuck You" - Fuck You EP
Godflesh "Curse Us All" - A World Lit Only By Fire
M16 "Wasted Gods" - Gnarmageddon EP
Meridius "Speed Kills" - Meridius EP
Sepultura "Roots Bloody Roots" - Roots
Decapitated "Spheres of Madness" - Nihility
Dead Asylum "Ashes of the Saviors" - Demo
We Found the Body "Blackened Blood" - Lithopedion
Revenge "Wolf Slave Protocol" - Behold.Total.Futility
Panopticon "Autumn Eternal" - Autumn Eternal
Abbath "Fenrir Hunts" - NMC Live
Venom "Acid Queen" - Black Metal
Necrophagia "It Lives in the Woods" - Black Blood Vomitorium
Savage Master "Death Rides the Highway" - Mask of the Devil
Deafheaven "Gits for the Earth" - New Burmuda
Tribulation "Dreams of the Dead" - Children of the Night
Bolzer "Entranced by the Wolfshook" - Aura EP
Ritual Necromancy "Fruiting Bodies" - Void Manifest
Spell "Possessed by Heavy Metal" - Full Moon Sessions

Track Listing:

Fuck You
Overkill · Fuck You EP
Curse Us All
Godflesh · A World Lit Only By Fire
Wasted Gods
M16 · Gnarmageddon EP
Speed Kills
Meridius · Meridius EP
Roots Bloody Roots
Sepultura · Roots
Spheres of Madness
Decapitated · Nihility
Ashes of the Saviors
Dead Asylum · Demo
Blackened Blood
We Found the Body · Lithopedion
Wolf Slave Protocol
Revenge · Behold.Total.Futility
Autumn Eternal
Panopticon · Autumn Eternal
Fenrir Hunts
Abbath · NMC Live
Acid Queen
Venom · Black Metal
It Lives in the Woods
Necrophagia · Black Blood Vomitorium
Death Rides the Highway
Savage Master · Mask of the Devil
Gits for the Earth
Deafheaven · New Burmuda
Dreams of the Dead
Tribulation · Children of the Night
Entranced by the Wolfshook
Bolzer · Aura EP
Fruiting Bodies
Ritual Necromancy · Void Manifest
Possessed by Heavy Metal
Spell · Full Moon Sessions