Powerchord Episode August 15, 2015

Broadcast on [15-Aug-2015]

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Ye Goat Herd Gods - Unrepentant-Becoming Flesh
Bog - Drones-Bog
Heron - Admire Then Destroy-Heron
Ken Mode - The Owl-Success
Ken Mode - I Just Liked Fire-Success
Spectral Wound - Under a Purple Moon-Terra Nullius
Adversarial - Eonik Spiritual Warfare-Death, Endless Nothing and The Black Knife of Nihilism
Iron Maiden - Speed of Light-The Book of Souls
Witch Mountain - Your Corrupt Ways Sour the Hymn-Mobile of Angels
Monolord - Empress Rising-Empress Rising
Dead Quiet - The Sorceress-Dead Quiet
Thantifaxath - Gasping in Darkness-Sacred White Noise
Chelsea Wolfe - Iron Moon-Abyss
Judas Priest - Painkiller-Painkiller

Track Listing:

Ye Goat Herd Gods · Becoming Flesh
Bog · Bog
Admire Then Destroy
Heron · Heron
The Owl
Ken Mode · Success
I Just Liked Fire
Ken Mode · Success
Under a Purple Moon
Spectral Wound · Terra Nullius
Eonik Spiritual Warfare
Adversarial · Death, Endless Nothing and The Black Knife of Nihilism
Speed of Light
Iron Maiden · The Book of Souls
Your Corrupt Ways Sour the Hymn
Witch Mountain · Mobile of Angels
Empress Rising
Monolord · Empress Rising
The Sorceress
Dead Quiet · Dead Quiet
Gasping in Darkness
Thantifaxath · Sacred White Noise
Iron Moon
Chelsea Wolfe · Abyss
Judas Priest · Painkiller