Powerchord Episode August 8, 2015

Broadcast on 08-Aug-2015

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Waingro - True North-Waingro
Bison - Melody,This One's for You-Dark Ages
Bog - Drones-Bog
Mendozza - Ayahuasca-Mendozza
KEN Mode - Failing at Fun Since 1981-Success
Fuck the Facts - Let us Prey-Desire Will Rot
Life Against Death - The Feasting-Demo
Immortal Bird - Neoplastics-Empress/Abscess
Immortal - Tyrants-Sons of Northern Darkness
Meshuggah - Bleed-Obzen
Ihsahn - Frozen Lakes on Mars-After
Brothers of the Sonic Cloth - Lava-Brothers of the Sonic Cloth
Neurosis - Locust Star-Through Silver in Blood
Krallice - Tyranny of Thought-Ygg Huur
One Master - At the Hour of Saturn-Reclusive Blashpemy
Cruciamentum - Piety Carved From Flesh-Charnel Passages
Myrkur - Onde Born-M
Shape of Despair - Descending Inner Night-Monotony Fields
Leviathan - Dawn Vibration-Scar Sighted

Track Listing:

True North
Waingro · Waingro
Melody,This One's for You
Bison · Dark Ages
Bog · Bog
Mendozza · Mendozza
Failing at Fun Since 1981
KEN Mode · Success
Let us Prey
Fuck the Facts · Desire Will Rot
The Feasting
Life Against Death · Demo
Immortal Bird · Empress/Abscess
Immortal · Sons of Northern Darkness
Meshuggah · Obzen
Frozen Lakes on Mars
Ihsahn · After
Brothers of the Sonic Cloth · Brothers of the Sonic Cloth
Locust Star
Neurosis · Through Silver in Blood
Tyranny of Thought
Krallice · Ygg Huur
At the Hour of Saturn
One Master · Reclusive Blashpemy
Piety Carved From Flesh
Cruciamentum · Charnel Passages
Onde Born
Myrkur · M
Descending Inner Night
Shape of Despair · Monotony Fields
Dawn Vibration
Leviathan · Scar Sighted