Powerchord Episode June 13, 2015

Broadcast on 13-Jun-2015

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Bride - Evil Dreams (Silence is Madness)
Golers - Porkroast (South Mountain Style)
Leave the Living - Sink or Swim (Pacifist)
Tormenter - Exile the Flesh (Prophetic Deceiver)
Tau Cross - Stonecracker (Tau Cross)
Meridius - Walk the Plank (Meridius)
Titans Eve - War Path (Chasing the Devil)
William English - A Monger (Basic Humans Error)
trouble - the fall of lucifer (psalm 9)
ILSA - Cromwell (The Felon's Claw)
Reign of Fury - Harbringer of Decay (Death Be Thy Shepherd)
Viathyn - Shadows in Our Wake (Cynosure)
The V - Ready to Run (Now or Never)
Huetensil - Tonight (The Carbon Wars) (single)
Borealis - Revelation (Purgatory)
Terrifier - Wretched Damnation (Deathinition/Terrifier split)
Exodus - Piranha (Bonded By Blood)
Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales (Morbid Tales)
D.R.I. - Enemy Within (Thrash Zone)
Sacrifice - Re-Animation (Forward to Termination)
Exciter - Sudden Impact (Long Live the Loud)
Metallica - Trapped Under Ice (Ride The Lightning)
Razor - Trashdance (Evil Invaders)
Uutuus - Suomi-94 (Everything's Shit)

Track Listing:

Evil Dreams
Bride · Silence is Madness
Golers · South Mountain Style
Sink or Swim
Leave the Living · Pacifist
Exile the Flesh
Tormenter · Prophetic Deceiver
Tau Cross · Tau Cross
Walk the Plank
Meridius · Meridius
War Path
Titans Eve · Chasing the Devil
A Monger
William English · Basic Humans Error
the fall of lucifer
trouble · psalm 9
ILSA · The Felon's Claw
Harbringer of Decay
Reign of Fury · Death Be Thy Shepherd
Shadows in Our Wake
Viathyn · Cynosure
Ready to Run
The V · Now or Never
Tonight (The Carbon Wars)
Huetensil · single
Borealis · Purgatory
Wretched Damnation
Terrifier · Deathinition/Terrifier split
Exodus · Bonded By Blood
Morbid Tales
Celtic Frost · Morbid Tales
Enemy Within
D.R.I. · Thrash Zone
Sacrifice · Forward to Termination
Sudden Impact
Exciter · Long Live the Loud
Trapped Under Ice
Metallica · Ride The Lightning
Razor · Evil Invaders
Uutuus · Everything's Shit