Powerchord Episode April 4, 2015

Broadcast on 04-Apr-2015

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Reign of Fury - Sorrow Made Flesh-Death Be Thy Shepherd
Meridius - Conquer the Throne-S/T EP
Golers - Kamikaze-In 'n Outlaws
Golers - Scatch-In 'n Outlaws
Bombnation - Slayed By Slayer-Night Invasion
Sacrifice - Warrior of Death-Torment in Fire
Witch of the Waste - She Burst Into Tears-Made of Teeth
Witch of the Waste - It Was Always 3:00 AM-Made of Teeth
Witch of the Waste - Lets Say You Have an Axe-Made of Teeth
Iron Reagan - Broken Bottles-The Tyranny of Will
Dissident Clone - Eye of the Wound-State of Dysphoria
Metal Clone X - [title in Chinese]-[title in Chinese]
Dying Chelsea - This Time We Fight-Strength Within
Diesear - This Time We Fight-The Inner Sear
Sideffect - This is the Sign-Desire the World EP
Invincible Tapir - Manly, I Rebirth-Still Unbeatable
Bloody Tyrant - The Tribe of Mist-The Overture of Sun-Moon Lake
Blair Witch - World of Wildness-Imprecation
Maggot Colony - Spewing the Violated Souls-single
Masquerader - S.A.T.A.N.-Singular Point EP
Huetensil - King-King/Power single
Striker - Underground-City of Gold
Voivod - Fuck Off and Die-Rrroooaaarrr
Piledriver - Sodomize the Dead-Metal Inquisition
Arrival of Autumn - Shadows-Shadows
Bad Guys - Motorhome-Bad Guynaecology
Cancer Bats - Devil's Blood-Searching for Zero
Spell - It's Never Enough-The Full Moon Sessions

Track Listing:

Sorrow Made Flesh
Reign of Fury · Death Be Thy Shepherd
Conquer the Throne
Meridius · S/T EP
Golers · In 'n Outlaws
Golers · In 'n Outlaws
Slayed By Slayer
Bombnation · Night Invasion
Warrior of Death
Sacrifice · Torment in Fire
She Burst Into Tears
Witch of the Waste · Made of Teeth
It Was Always 3:00 AM
Witch of the Waste · Made of Teeth
Lets Say You Have an Axe
Witch of the Waste · Made of Teeth
Broken Bottles
Iron Reagan · The Tyranny of Will
Eye of the Wound
Dissident Clone · State of Dysphoria
[title in Chinese]
Metal Clone X · [title in Chinese]
This Time We Fight
Dying Chelsea · Strength Within
This Time We Fight
Diesear · The Inner Sear
This is the Sign
Sideffect · Desire the World EP
Manly, I Rebirth
Invincible Tapir · Still Unbeatable
The Tribe of Mist
Bloody Tyrant · The Overture of Sun-Moon Lake
World of Wildness
Blair Witch · Imprecation
Spewing the Violated Souls
Maggot Colony · single
Masquerader · Singular Point EP
Huetensil · King/Power single
Striker · City of Gold
Fuck Off and Die
Voivod · Rrroooaaarrr
Sodomize the Dead
Piledriver · Metal Inquisition
Arrival of Autumn · Shadows
Bad Guys · Bad Guynaecology
Devil's Blood
Cancer Bats · Searching for Zero
It's Never Enough
Spell · The Full Moon Sessions