Powerchord Episode February 28, 2015

Broadcast on [28-Feb-2015]

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Bushwhacker - Fish Guy-Fish Guy
Voivod - We Are Connected-Split 7 inch with At the Gates
Ahna - No One Survives-Perpetual Warfare
Craters - Call of the Void-Craters
Enslaved - Thurisaz Dreaming-In Times
Tribulation - In the Dreams of the Dead-The Children of the Night
Ufommamut - Temple-Ecate
Drudkh - Till Foreign Ground Shall Cove-A Furrow Cut Short
Bloated Pig - Blood Offering-Blood Offering
Deletre - Laudes -Credo II-Les Heures De La Peste
Bone Chalice - Acrid Smoke of This Dying Age-Bone Chalice
Brothers of the Sonic Cloth - Unnamed-Brothers of the Sonic Cloth
Enforcer - Undying Evil-From Beyond
Sacral Rage - En Cima Del Mal-Illusions In Infinite Void
Pallbearer - Fear and Fury-N/A-single
Leviathan - Gardens of Coprolite-Scar Sighted

Track Listing:

Fish Guy
Bushwhacker · Fish Guy
We Are Connected
Voivod · Split 7 inch with At the Gates
No One Survives
Ahna · Perpetual Warfare
Call of the Void
Craters · Craters
Thurisaz Dreaming
Enslaved · In Times
In the Dreams of the Dead
Tribulation · The Children of the Night
Ufommamut · Ecate
Till Foreign Ground Shall Cove
Drudkh · A Furrow Cut Short
Blood Offering
Bloated Pig · Blood Offering
Laudes -Credo II
Deletre · Les Heures De La Peste
Acrid Smoke of This Dying Age
Bone Chalice · Bone Chalice
Brothers of the Sonic Cloth · Brothers of the Sonic Cloth
Undying Evil
Enforcer · From Beyond
En Cima Del Mal
Sacral Rage · Illusions In Infinite Void
Fear and Fury
Pallbearer · N/A-single
Gardens of Coprolite
Leviathan · Scar Sighted