Powerchord Episode February 14, 2015

Broadcast on [14-Feb-2015]

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Serena's mix of Old Man Gloom, W.A.S,P., Napalm Death, Leviathan, Mortuary Drape, Death Karma, Marduk, Voivod, Sacrifice, IZAH, i.d, and so much more!

Track Listing:

Beyond the Pale
Napalm Death · Apex Predator
Old Man Gloom · The Ape of God
Sagittarius A
i.d · Sagittarius A
High-Tech (For Heretics)
Witch of the Waste · All Other Voices
Beyond the Flesh Vessel
Kafirun · Death Worship
Sacrifice · Forward to Termination
Green Goblin
Aggression · The Full Treatment
M16 · Live at Bully's
Force & Fire · Disintegration Process
Marduk · Frontschwein
I Wanna be Somebody
W.A.S.P. · W.A.S.P.
True Belief
Paradise Lost · Icon
Journey of the Soul
Death Karma · The History of Death & Burial Rituals Part 1
Twilight of the Gods
Blind Guardian · Beyond the Red Mirror
Immutable Witness
Mortuary Drape · Spiritual Independence
All Tongues Toward
Leviathan · Scar Sighted
Ripping Headaches
Voivod · Morgoth Invasion Live
Indefinite Instinct
IZAH · Sistere