Powerchord Episode January 31, 2015

Broadcast on 31-Jan-2015

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Playlist: Artist-Song-(Album)
Body Count - Institutionalized 2014 (Manslaughter)
Golers - Riff Cult - Relations (In 'n' Outlaws)
Golers - S.M.S. (South Mountain Style)
Golers - Alcoholics Unanimous (In 'n' Outlaws)
Bombnation - Le D-Beat De La 50 (Night Invasion)
Kill of Rights - Buried Alive (Sign of the Crimes)
Iron Reagan - Close the Toast (The Tyranny of Will)
Endless Chaos - Sacrificial Ritual (Rejected Atrocity)
Golers - Goler Rock (2nd Generation)
Golers - Acting on Impulse (Backwoods Messages)
Golers - Golers (South Mountain Style)
Lung Flower - Death on the Crowsnest -EP (Death on the Crowsnest)
Twingiant - Tiger Lily (Devil Down)
Eyehategod - Agitation! Propaganda (Eyehategod)
Expain - Headbang Your Head Off (Just the Tip)
Golers - Scratch (In 'n' Outlaws)
Golers - Side 66.6 (2nd Gernation)
Golers - Quickshit McGraw (In 'n' Outlaws)
Entombed A.D. - Waiting for Death (Back to Front)
Destroy All - Among Dirt and Bones (Leviathan Rise)
Exodus - Blood in Blood Out (Blood in Blood Out)
Golers - Barnyard Bonedown (2nd Generation)
Golers - Inbred Militia (In 'n' Outlaws)
Golers - Steelskin Leviathan (Backwood Messages)
Air Raid - Bound to Destroy (Point of Impact)
Metal Inquisitor - Self Denial (Ultima Ratio Regis)
Primal Fear - Rebel Faction (Delivering the Black)
Sinbreed - Black Death (Shadows)
Judas Priest - Metalizer (Redeemer of Souls)

Track Listing:

Institutionalized 2014
Body Count · Manslaughter
Riff Cult - Relations
Golers · In 'n' Outlaws
Golers · South Mountain Style
Alcoholics Unanimous
Golers · In 'n' Outlaws
Le D-Beat De La 50
Bombnation · Night Invasion
Buried Alive
Kill of Rights · Sign of the Crimes
Close the Toast
Iron Reagan · The Tyranny of Will
Sacrificial Ritual
Endless Chaos · Rejected Atrocity
Goler Rock
Golers · 2nd Generation
Acting on Impulse
Golers · Backwoods Messages
Golers · South Mountain Style
Death on the Crowsnest -EP
Lung Flower · Death on the Crowsnest
Tiger Lily
Twingiant · Devil Down
Agitation! Propaganda
Eyehategod · Eyehategod
Headbang Your Head Off
Expain · Just the Tip
Golers · In 'n' Outlaws
Side 66.6
Golers · 2nd Gernation
Quickshit McGraw
Golers · In 'n' Outlaws
Waiting for Death
Entombed A.D. · Back to Front
Among Dirt and Bones
Destroy All · Leviathan Rise
Blood in Blood Out
Exodus · Blood in Blood Out
barnyard bonedown
golers · 2nd generation
Inbred Militia
Golers · In 'n' Outlaws
Steelskin Leviathan
Golers · Backwood Messages
Bound to Destroy
Air Raid · Point of Impact
Self Denial
Metal Inquisitor · Ultima Ratio Regis
Rebel Faction
Primal Fear · Delivering the Black
Black Death
Sinbreed · Shadows
Judas Priest · Redeemer of Souls