Powerchord Episode January 3, 2015

Broadcast on [3-January-2015]

12:00pm - 3:00pm

Canadian metal albums from 2014 from all across the country!!!

Track Listing:

Devin Townsend · Ziltion 2
Sous La Lueur De L'Empereur
Beyond Creation · Earthborn Evolution
Cupid's fist
Astrakhan · A Taperstry of Scabs and Skin
Beyond Stillness
Dire Omen · Wrestling the Revelation of Futility
Wolf Cult Chernobyl
Rammer · Siege of Madness
Three Section Staff
Varga · Return of the Metal
Phobocosm · Deprived
Torture of Fire
Menace Ruine · Venus Armata
Gatekrashor · Gatekrashor
Plague of the AM
Archspire · The Lurid Collective
You're gonna pay
Skull Fist · Chasing the Dream
Barn Burner
Shooting Guns · Wolfcop Soundtrack
The Bright White Nothing at the End of the Tunnel
Thantifaxath · Sacred White Noise
Baptists · Bloodmines
Culted · Oblique To All Paths
Lament Configuration
Hollow · Mordrake
Auroch · Taman Shud
Be My Ghost
Castle · Under Siege
Ageless Stranger
Viathyn · Cynosure
Multi-Dimensional Prism of Black Hatred
Nuclearhammer · Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer
Future Torturer
Neige et Noirceur · Gouffre Onrique et Abimes Cosmiques
Es wachst aus seinew Grab
Volur · Disir
DIstant Cries of War
Primalfrost · Prosperous Visions
Part 1-Earthrise
Musk Ox · Woodfall
Devin Townsend · Casualities of Cool
Snakepit · Split
Seer · Volume I