Powerchord Episode December 20, 2014

Broadcast on [20-December-2014]

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Serena plays her top albums of 2014! Lots of Canadian artists!

Track Listing:

Unmask the Spectre
Yob · Clearing the Path to Ascend
Worlds Apart
Pallbearer · Foundations of Burden
Healing Through Death
Usnea · Random Cosmic Violence
Gasping in Darkness
Thantifaxath · Sacred White Noise
View From a Tower
Mortals · Cursed to See the Future
Tombs · Savage Gold
Tooth and Claw
Animals as Leaders · The Joy of Motion
Take the Wheel
Iron Storm · Wrathwind
Time and Suffering
Haggatha/Moloch split · Untitled
Let Me In
Numenorean · Demo 2014
Blut Aus Nord · Memorita Vesutitaaa
Where Greater Men have Fallen
Primordial · Where Greater Men have Fallen
Reverance Through Darkness
Swallowed · Lunarterial
The Cult of Rock and Roll
The Order of the Solar Temple · The Order of the Solar Temple
One thousand needles
Bison · One Thousand Needles
Promulgation of the Fall
Dead Congregation · Promulgation of the Fall
Corpse of Care
Mayhem · Esoteric Warfare