Powerchord Episode November 1, 2014

Broadcast on 01-Nov-2014

1:00pm - 2:00pm

The New Jacobin Club - Angel MMXIV (Soldiers of the Mark)
Korzus - Purgatory (Legion)
Exodus - Wrapped in the Arms of Rage (Blood in Blood Out)
Iron Reagan - Bill of Fights (The Tyranny of Will)
Bombnation - Le D-Beat De La 50 (Night Invasion)
Lung Flower - Death on the Crowsnest (Death on the Crowsnest EP)
Twingiant - Daisy Cutter (Devil Down)
Black Wizard - Eliminator (single)
Arch Enemy - Aces High (Rare and Unreleased)
Arch Enemy - Graveyard of Dreams (War Eternal)
Arch Enemy - Stolen Life (War Eternal)
Mortillery - The Hunters' Lair (Origin of Extinction)
Unleash the Archers - Soulstorm (Defy the Skies - single)
November Grief - Spine Worm (VA Awakening - Females in Extreme Music)
Fuck the Facts - Disabused (Abandoned)

Track Listing:

The New Jacobin Club · Soldiers of the Mark
Korzus · Legion
Wrapped in the Arms of Rage
Exodus · Blood in Blood Out
Bill of Fights
Iron Reagan · The Tyranny of Will
Le D-Beat De La 50
Bombnation · Night Invasion
Death on the Crowsnest
Lung Flower · Death on the Crowsnest EP
Daisy Cutter
Twingiant · Devil Down
Black Wizard · single
Aces High
Arch Enemy · Rare and Unreleased
Graveyard of Dreams
Arch Enemy · War Eternal
Stolen Life
Arch Enemy · War Eternal
The Hunters' Lair
Mortillery · Origin of Extinction
Unleash the Archers · Defy the Skies - single
Spine Worm
November Grief · VA Awakening - Females in Extreme Music
Fuck the Facts · Abandoned