Powerchord Episode September 20, 2014

Broadcast on 20-Sep-2014

1:00pm - 3:00pm

artist - song (album)

Stryper - The Rock that Makes Me Roll (Live at the Whisky)
Maggot Colony - Venom Flows in Veins (Perpetuating the Viral Infestation)
Morbid Crucifixion - Sick Phallus Reviewer (Decaying Human Flesh)
Hacksaw - B.T.K. (Decaying Human Flesh)
Display of Decay - Praise the Gore (Outbreak of Infection)
Dead Jesus - Dichotomy (Let Them Suffer)
Nostril Caverns - Inside the Cell (single)
Belphegor - In Deah (Conjuring the Dead)
Blasphemy - Ritual (Gods of War/Blood Upon the Throne)
Entombed A.D. - The Underminer (Back to the Front)
Carcass - I Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck) (split with Cerebral Bore)
Castle Freak - Caught in a Casket (Still Rotting)
Laika - Fidelity (Somnia)
The New Jacobin Club - Angel MMXIV (Soldiers of the Mark)
Viathyn - The Coachman (Cynosure)
Amulance - Damages (single)
Anst - Shallow (In Turmoil)
Osmium Guillotine - City of Chaos (Osmium Guillotine)
Overkill - King of the Rat Bastards (White Devil Armoury)
Exodus - Salt the Wound (Blood In Blood Out)
Mortillery - Evil Invaders (Origin of Extinction)
Exciter - Feel the Knife (Long Live the Loud)
Protokult - Get Me a Beer! (No Beer In Heaven)
Judas Priest - Down in Flames (Redeemer of Sould)
Body Count - Institutionalized 2014 (Manslaughter)
SpreadEagle - Deathwish (2001 Demo)
Mutank - Corporate Child (M.E.C.H. Metal)
Kleaver - Fallout (I Hope You Rot)

Track Listing:

The Rock that Makes Me Roll
Stryper · Live at the Whisky
Venom Flows in Veins
Maggot Colony · Perpetuating the Viral Infestation
Sick Phallus Reviewer
Morbid Crucifixion · Decaying Human Flesh
Hacksaw · Decaying Human Flesh
Praise the Gore
Display of Decay · Outbreak of Infection
Dead Jesus · Let Them Suffer
Inside the Cell
Nostril Caverns · single
In Death
Belphegor · Conjuring the Dead
Blasphemy · Gods of War/Blood Upon the Throne
The Underminer
Entombed A.D. · Back to the Front
I Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)
Carcass · split with Cerebral Bore
Caught in a Casket
Castle Freak · Still Rotting
Laika · Somnia
The New Jacobin Club · Soldiers of the Mark
The Coachman
Viathyn · Cynosure
Amulance · single
Anst · In Turmoil
City of Chaos
Osmium Guillotine · Osmium Guillotine
King of the Rat Bastards
Overkill · White Devil Armoury
Salt the Wound
Exodus · Blood In Blood Out
Evil Invaders
Mortillery · Origin of Extinction
Feel the Knife
Exciter · Long Live the Loud
Get Me a Beer!
Protokult · No Beer In Heaven
Down in Flames
Judas Priest · Redeemer of Sould
Institutionalized 2014
Body Count · Manslaughter
SpreadEagle · 2001 Demo
Corporate Child
Mutank · M.E.C.H. Metal
Kleaver · I Hope You Rot