Powerchord Episode September 6, 2014

Broadcast on 06-Sep-2014

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Swans - Beautiful Child - Children Of God
West of Hell - Water of Sorcery - Spiral Empire
Expain - Allegiance to Pain - Just the Tip
Hellchamber - Bring Me Down - The Right to Remain
Baptists - Harm Induction - Bloodmines
Obliterations - The One That Got Away - Poison Everything
Hoopsnake - Spacetime - Hoopsnake
Begrime Exemious - Wolf Hound Bitch - Primeval Satellite
Horrendous - Nepenthe - Ecdysis
Phobocosm - Knives in the Senate House - Deprived
Obituary - Visions in my Head - Inked in Blood
Ides of Gemini - The Chalice and the Blade - Old World New Wave
Myrkur - Latvian Feguro - Myrkur
Uncle Acid - Runaway Girls - Runaway Girls 7"
Belphegor - Gasmask Terror - Conjuring the Dead
Svart Crown - Until the Last Breath - Profane
Beheaded - Recounts of Disembodiment - Recounts of Disembodiment
Panopticon - The Echoes of a Disharmonic Evensong - Roads to the North
Earth - From the Zodiacal Light- Primitive and Deadly

Track Listing:

Beautiful Child
Swans · Children Of God
Water of Sorcery
West of Hell · Spiral Empire
Allegiance to Pain
Expain · Just the Tip
Bring Me Down
Hellchamber · The Right to Remain
Harm Induction
Baptists · Bloodmines
The One That Got Away
Obliterations · Poison Everything
Hoopsnake · Hoopsnake
Wolf Hound Bitch
Begrime Exemious · Primeval Satellite
Horrendous · Ecdysis
Knives in the Senate House
Phobocosm · Deprived
Visions in my Head
Obituary · Inked in Blood
The Chalice and the Blade
Ides of Gemini · Old World New Wave
Latvian Feguro
Myrkur · Myrkur
Runaway Girls
Uncle Acid · Runaway Girls 7"
Gasmask Terror
Belphegor · Conjuring the Dead
Until the Last Breath
Svart Crown · Profane
Recounts of Disembodiment
Beheaded · Recounts of Disembodiment
The Echoes of a Disharmonic Evensong
Panopticon · Roads to the North
From the Zodiacal Light
Earth · Primitive and Deadly