Powerchord Episode July 26, 2014

Broadcast on [26-July-2014]

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Auroch-Sebastian comes in to co-host and talks about the new Auroch album and his favourite bands.

Track Listing:

Carnal Forge
Carcass · Heartwork
Caught in the Middle
Dio · Holy Diver
Stressed Elephant
Bison B.C · Dark Ages
Type O Negative · Life is Killing Me
gung ho
anthrax · spreading the disease
Noxious plume
Auroch · Taman Shud
Scorge of a World A Blaze
Adversarial · Prophetic Plain of Abyssal Revelation
Bolzer · Soma
The Rite as Sinister as Old
13th Moon · Abhorrence of Light
This too shall pass
Voices · From the Human Forest Create a Fuge of Imaginary Rain
Eternal Contempt of Man
Mitochondrion · Archaeaeon
Challenge for Power
Bolt Thrower · In Battle There is now Law
Revocation · Teratogenesis
Lazer/Wulf · The Beast of Left and Right
Pestilent Black Sorcery
Sortilegia · Pestilent Black Sorcery
Auroch · Taman Shud
Fritzl's Cellar
Mortillery · Murder, Death, Kill
Beckoning of the Xul
Katakylsm · Temple of Knowledge
Dweller on the Threshold
Forn · The Departure of Consciousness