Powerchord Episode June 21, 2014

Broadcast on 21-Jun-2014

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Tombs - Bloodletters-Path of Totality
Tombs - Seance-Savage Gold
Destroy All - Among Dirt and Bones-Leviathan Rise
Waingro - Bathed in Tongues-bandcamp
WTCHDR - Our Filthy Hearts-Triumph and Despair
Dead Again - Space Basement-Space Basement
Hoopsnake - Weedfeinder General-Hoopsnake
Black Cobra - The Crimson Blade-Invernal
Morbus Chron - It Stretches in the Hallow-Sweven
Woods of Desoltion - This Autumn Light-As the Stars
Anti Ritual - The Highest Priviledge-Anti Ritual
Agalloch - The Astral Dialogue-The Serpent and the Sphere
Emptiness - Tale of a Burning Man-Nothing but the Whole
Thantifaxth - Grasping in Darkness-Sacred White Noise
Auroch - Noxious plume-Taman Shud
Blut Aus Nord - De Lobrio Arbitrio-Debemurmorti
Dead Congregation - Serpentskin-Promulgation of the Fall
Possessed - The Exorcist-Seven Churches
Cerebral Bore - Horrendous Acts of Inquity-Horrendous Acts of Inquity
Adversarial - Scourge of a World Ablaze-Prophetic Plain of Abyssal Revelation
Nuclearhammer - Multi- dimensional Prism of Black Hatred-Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer

Track Listing:

Tombs · Path of Totality
Tombs · Savage Gold
Among Dirt and Bones
Destroy All · Leviathan Rise
Bathed in Tongues
Waingro · bandcamp
Our Filthy Hearts
WTCHDR · Triumph and Despair
Space Basement
Dead Again · Space Basement
Weedfeinder General
Hoopsnake · Hoopsnake
The Crimson Blade
Black Cobra · Invernal
It Stretches in the Hallow
Morbus Chron · Sweven
This Autumn Light
Woods of Desoltion · As the Stars
The Highest Priviledge
Anti Ritual · Anti Ritual
The Astral Dialogue
Agalloch · The Serpent and the Sphere
Tale of a Burning Man
Emptiness · Nothing but the Whole
Grasping in Darkness
Thantifaxth · Sacred White Noise
Noxious plume
Auroch · Taman Shud
De Lobrio Arbitrio
Blut Aus Nord · Debemurmorti
Dead Congregation · Promulgation of the Fall
The Exorcist
Possessed · Seven Churches
Horrendous Acts of Inquity
Cerebral Bore · Horrendous Acts of Inquity
Scourge of a World Ablaze
Adversarial · Prophetic Plain of Abyssal Revelation
Multi- dimensional Prism of Black Hatred
Nuclearhammer · Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer