Powerchord Episode March 15, 2014

Broadcast on 15-Mar-2014

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Andy Grotesque comes in the pouring rain to play you a mix of new and old thrash and death. Oh... and that rather long set or two of grindcore/hardcore. m/

Track Listing:

The Blood of Kings
Manowar · Kings of Metal MMXIV
One Will Survive
Storm Warrior · Thunder & Steele
Standing Tall
Sinbreed · Shadows
3 Without Fear
Blood of Kings · Starvation
Sacrificial Ritual
Endless Chaos · Rejected Atrocity EP
High Voltage Drunk
Rusted Brain · High Voltage Thrash
Tridente Satanas
Betrayer FTM · Full Blast
Now Could Be Never
SpreadEagle · SpreadEagle
Voivod · Killing Technology
Entitled to Nothing
Deathpoint · Sinister
A Broken Memory
Where Giants Once Stood · The Changing EP
Thulsa Doom
Witches Hammer · Canadian Speed Metal
Destruction Consuming
Tyrants Blood · Coven
Wretched Damnation
Terrifier · Metal or Death EP
Open Hostility
Razor · Decibels
Global Furnace
Human Cull · Stillborn Nation
Crustacean Carrcass
Functor · Trve Kvlt Grind
Something That Never Was
Sore Throat · Never Mind the Napalm Here's Sore Throat
Human Garbage
Napalm Death · Scum
Bullshit Propaganda
Extreme Noise Terror · A Holocaus in Your Head/In it for Life
Rattus · 30th Anniversary of Rattus
Cloved in Twain
Agoraphobic Nosebleed · Honky Reduction
Consumer Mind
All Out Panic · Panic Attack
Canine Incissors
Caninus · Wolfpig
Bird Bites, Dog Cries
Hatebeak · Bird Seeds of Vengeance
Judas Cradle
Death Toll Rising · Infection Legacy
Black Eye
Throne of Vengeance · Live Evil
Your Worst Enemy
Hatriot · Dawn of the New Centurion
King for a Day
Primal Fear · Delivering the Black