Powerchord Episode February 8, 2014

Broadcast on 08-Feb-2014

1:00pm - 3:00pm

here's the playlist

destruction - antichrist-infernal overkill
stormwarrior - one will survive-thunder and steele
m16 - gnarmageddon-gnarmageddon ep
shrapnel - virus conspires-virus conspires
blackfinger - here comes the rain-blackfinger
hatriot - the fear within-(adv) dawn of the new centurion
crucifliction - possession of the damned-heresy is met with fire
the haunted - infiltrator-eye of the storm ep
Anciients - Raise the Sun-Heart of Oak
mutank - m.e.c.h. metal-m.e.c.h. metal
chainbreaker - chainbreaker-constant craving ep
mortillery - mad house-origin of extinction
pripjat - born to hate-sons of tchernobyl
bloated pig - blood offering ep-blood offering
mastodon - all the heavy living-live at brixton
pripjat - toxic-sons of tchernobyl
suicidal angels - marching over fire-divide and conquer
iced earth - democide-plagues of babylon
sacrifice - freedom slave-apocalpyse inside
nashville pussy - pillbilly blues-up the dosage

Track Listing:

destruction · infernal overkill
one will survive
stormwarrior · thunder and steele
m16 · gnarmageddon ep
virus conspires
shrapnel · virus conspires
here comes the rain
blackfinger · blackfinger
the fear within
hatriot · (adv) dawn of the new centurion
possession of the damned
crucifliction · heresy is met with fire
the haunted · eye of the storm ep
Raise the Sun
Anciients · Heart of Oak
m.e.c.h. metal
mutank · m.e.c.h. metal
chainbreaker · constant craving ep
mad house
mortillery · origin of extinctoin
born to hate
pripjat · sons of tchernobyl
blood offering ep
bloated pig · blood offering
all the heavy living
mastodon · live at brixton
pripjat · sons of tchernobyl
marching over fire
suicidal angels · divide and conquer
iced earth · plagues of babylon
freedom slave
sacrifice · apacalpyse inside
pillbill bluesy
nashville pussy · up the dosage