Powerchord Episode December 28, 2013

Broadcast on 28-Dec-2013

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Andy's top 10 for 2013 (in no order):
Protector, Sanktuary, Hard Charger, Still Above Snakes, Onslaught, Carcass, Death Toll Rising, Besegra, Annihilator and Anciients.

Then a whole bunch of runner-ups! m/

Track Listing:

Birth of a Nation
Protector · Reanimated Homunculus
Fire in the Sky
Sanktuary · Something Fierce
Chrome Lord
Hard Charger · Chrome Lord
Time Slips
Still Above Snakes · Demo Twenty Thriteen
Onslaught · VI
Unfit for Human Consumption
Carcass · Surgical Steel
Revelation Despair
Death Toll Rising · Infection Legacy
Besegra · Infortunium
Demon Code
Annihilator · Feast
Anciients · Heart Of Oak
Black Sabbath · 13
left for dead
death angel · the dream calls for blood
tribune · tales
Gwar · Battle Maximus
At Home in the Dark
Iron Kingdom · Gates of Eternity
Blood Stained Wings
Hatriot · Heroes of Origin
This Her Life (Wasted)
Lords of Ruin · Life is a War
Sunday Morning Slasher
Mortillery · Origin of Extinction
Ministry · From Beer to Eternity
Hordes of Chaos
Kreator · Dying Alive
Do You Believe
Motorhead · Aftershock
Mechanical Mind
Voivod · Target Earth