Powerchord Episode December 7, 2013

Broadcast on 07-Dec-2013

1:00pm - 3:00pm

todays show features the re-appearance of Metal Ron
who plays many new releases that rervaded his eardrums in the last while since he's been on air. new ARTILLERY, MICHEAL SCHENKER, CHASTAIN, TRIBUNE, PRO_PAIN< DEATH ANGEL and more...
Background blasts for whatever your indoor activity is.....

Track Listing:

metal church · generation nothing
the loner live
black sabbath · gathering in thier masses live
time to die
satan · life sentence
dies ire
artillery · legions
clockwork toy
loudness · thunder in the east
2-0-1-2 end of a age
loudness · 2-0-1-2
surrender to no one
chastain · surrender to no one
rock n roll symphony
michael schenker's temple of rock · bridge the gap
how deep the scar
shatter messiah · hail the new cross
tad morose · revenent
no way out
annihilator · feast
no more clean air
varga · enter the metal
tribune · tales
Faith and Oath
Anciients · Heart of Oak
swamp disco
88 mile trip · 88 mile trip
bleakest shore
tribune · tales
southern cross · from tragedy
all systems fail
pro pain · final revolution
forever free (re-recorded)
saxon · unplugged and strung up
death angel · the dream calls for blood
god feather
artillery · legions
age of quarrell
cro-mags · best wishes
queen of the damned
motorhead · aftermath