Powerchord Episode October 26, 2013

Broadcast on 26-Oct-2013

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Harry Breuer, Gary Carol, Jean Jacques Perrey and Pat Prilly - March of the Martians-The Happy Moog
Samhain - Halloween II-November Coming Fire
Vattnet Viskar - Breath of the Almighty-Sky Swallower
Watain - When Stars no more Shine-The Wild Hunt
In Solitude - The World, the flesh, the devil-The World, the flesh, the devil
Tribulation - Spectres-Formulas of Death
Ministry - Jesus Built My Hot Rod-Psalm 69
Haggatha - IV-Churning of the Milky Sea
Harrow - Fragments...-Song of Seasons
Dying Fetus - Invert the Idols-Reign Supreme
Exhumed - The Glory of Death-Necrocracy
Hell Chamber - Bring Me Down-Right to Remain
Nihilate - Face of Aggression-NA
Red Fang - DOEN-Whales and Leeches
Bison BC - Clozapine Dream-Lovelessness
Kreator - Total Death-Endless Pain
Insurrection - Hellfire-Prototype
Dissension - Graceless Death-Of Time and Chronic Disease
Mortician - Voodoo Curse-Darkest Day of Horror
Necrophagia - It Lives in the Woods-Black Blood Vomitorium
VHOL - Arising-S/T
Type O Negative - All Hallows Eve-World Coming Down

Track Listing:

March of the Martians
Harry Breuer, Gary Carol, Jean Jacques Perrey and Pat Prilly · The Happy Moog
Halloween II
Samhain · November Coming Fire
Breath of the Almighty
Vattnet Viskar · Sky Swallower
When Stars no more Shine
Watain · The Wild Hunt
The World, the flesh, the devil
In Solitude · The World, the flesh, the devil
Tribulation · Formulas of Death
Jesus Built My Hot Rod
Ministry · Psalm 69
Haggatha · Churning of the Milky Sea
Harrow · Song of Seasons
Invert the Idols
Dying Fetus · Reign Supreme
The Glory of Death
Exhumed · Necrocracy
Bring Me Down
Hell Chamber · Right to Remain
Face of Aggression
Nihilate · NA
Red Fang · Whales and Leeches
Clozapine Dream
Bison BC · Lovelessness
Total Death
Kreator · Endless Pain
Insurrection · Prototype
Graceless Death
Dissension · Of Time and Chronic Disease
Voodoo Curse
Mortician · Darkest Day of Horror
It Lives in the Woods
Necrophagia · Black Blood Vomitorium
All Hallows Eve
Type O Negative · World Coming Down