Powerchord Episode July 27, 2013

Broadcast on 27-Jul-2013

1:00pm - 3:00pm

todays show Metal Ron premiered the long waited new TROUBLE,
Fueled by Fire, Vista Chino, Ashes of Ares, and locals 88 mile trip, terrifier and classic vardis etc....
enjoy some ear drum damage!!

Track Listing:

trouble · distortion feild
turbo ellphant
orange goblin · the big black
the duke
monster magnet · (adv tk )lost patrol
dargona dragona
vista chino · peace
conquer all
dust machine · dust machine
living nightmare
havok · unatural selection
prafane path
fueled by fire · trapped in perdition
respect existence or expect resitance
violator · scenerios of brutality
weeping widow
88 mile trip · 88 mile trip
payable in blood
dead asylum · general carnage
infernal overdrive
terrifier · metal or death ep
into eternity · single
dead mans pight
ashes of ares · (adv tk) self titled debut
asg · blood drive
My Life My Way
Agnostic Front · My Life My Way
infernal overdrive
tygers of pan tang · spellbound
when the sky comes down
trouble · distortion field
all the leaves are brown
blackfinger · single
sonic prayer pt 1
earthless · sonic prayer jam pt 1
lions share
vardis · 100 mph
situation negative
vardis · 100 mph