Powerchord Episode June 29, 2013

Broadcast on 29-Jun-2013

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Black Sabbath, Sodom, Sanktuary, Black Wizard, Fear Control, La Chinga, Anciients, Suffocation, Killer Dwarfs, Dead Jesus... to name a few! m/

Track Listing:

End of the Beginning
Black Sabbath · 13
Fever Dreams
Dio · Magica
Seek and Destroy
Metallica · Kill 'Em All
hallowed point
Slayer · seasons in the abyss
Anthrax · Anthems
the naked sun
evile · skull
Fear Control · Conviction
Shock Therapy
Condition Critical · Operational Hazard
Fire in the Sky
Sanktuary · Something Fierce
Faith and Oak
Anciients · Heart of Oak
Young Wisdom
Black Wizard · Young Wisdom
Snake Eyes
La Chinga · La Chinga
Wall of Sound
Kiss · Magnet
Badass Rock 'n Roll
Anvil · Hope in Hell
Lost it All
Adversity · Lost it All
Heavy Mental Breakdown
Killer Dwarfs · Killer Dwarfs
That's How Drunks Drink
Zimmers Hole · Legion of Flames
Destroyer of Worlds
Blasphemous Creation · Battle of the Ancients
My Final Bullet
Sodom · Epitome of Torture
The Way to Armageddon
Dead Jesus · Let Them Suffer
My Demise
Suffocation · Pinnacle of Bedlam
Tied to a Stag
Unleash the Archers · Behold the Devastation