Powerchord Episode June 8, 2013

Broadcast on 08-Jun-2013

1:00pm - 3:00pm

todays show Metal Ron presented the Long, and i mean long awaited return of the godfathers of metal "Black sabbath", with all three of the originals back in tow. if this is the bands epitaph, they definitely go out in style!! on this show Ron spotlights two tracks as well as the plethora of new tracks of late such as Anvil, havok, evile, also the re-appearance of the true voice and front man of "Tank", Algy Ward with tracks from the new album as well as more from the world of heaviness!!
enjoy loud!!!

Track Listing:

live forever
black sabbath · 13
black star riders · all hell breaks loose
tank · breath of the pit
queensryche · same( adv tk)
give me liberty or give me death
havok · unnatural selection (adv tk)
fueled by fire · trapped in perdition (adv tk)
the naked sun
evile · skull
sword meet skull, skull meet sword
whiplash · old school american way vol 1 (adv tk)
dust and rust
u.d.o. · steelhammer (jap ver)
father time
oliva · raise the curtain (adv tk)
crimson empire
entropia · crimson empire
shut the fuck up
anvil · hope in hell
black sabbath · 13
heroic dose
newsted · heavy metal music (adv tk)
Left for Dead
Uncle Slam · Will Work for Food
i c eyez
sacred blade · demo 1990
colors of hate
violator · scenerios of brutality (adv tk)
piece by piece:necrophobic altar of sacrifice :
slayer · reign in blood
tank · breath of the pit