Powerchord Episode May 18, 2013

Broadcast on 18-May-2013

1:00pm - 3:00pm

After a sad time with tributes , its back to the norm with
some top bands who have anticipated releases pending and more from newies as , f.k.u., satan, anciients, New Megadeth , & more....

Track Listing:

Scabs Of Trust
Havok · Burn
misery shows
trouble · run for the light
hung drawn, and quartered
raven · all for one
savatage · power of the night
beverly hills robocop/smoke the blow with william defoe
gama bomb · the terror tapes
basta 'ya
u.d.o. · adv tk (steelhammer)
life sentence
satan · life sentence
megadeth · adv tk super collider
World Gone Wrong
Wiser Fool · Wiser Fool
flod and fire
anciients · heart of oak
some you win, some you lose
orange goblin · eulogy for the fans live
wise as a serpent
spiritual beggars · earth blues
crisix · rise...then rest
freedoms reign · freedoms reign
burning times
iced earth · live in ancient kourion
rise of the mosh mongers
f.k.u. · 4 rise of the mosh mongers
head of demon
evile · adv tk skull
empire of the undead
gamma ray · master of confusion
thrash all over yo
lost soceity · fast loud death