Powerchord Episode March 16, 2013

Broadcast on 16-Mar-2013

1:00am - 3:00am

As said, today's show was a tribute to late Clive Burr
(former Iron maiden drummer extraordinaire who lost
his long running battle with M.S. last Wednesday march 13.)
My hope is that you listen to to the tracks i've played
(that you've probably listened to many times before) with different ears per-say, and really zone into his amazing technicality and rhythm and uniqueness that made him such an influence on many drummers today.

Track Listing:

iron maiden · iron maiden
killers (live)
iron maiden · killers bonus disc
genghis khan
iron maiden · killers
murders in the rue morgue
iron maiden · beast over hammersmith
iron maiden · killers
another life (drum solo)
iron maiden · maiden japan full concert
phantom of the opera live
Iron maiden · killers bonus disc
i've got the fire live
iron maiden · iron maiden debut bonus disc
judgement denier
trust · iv ideal
it's illegal , it's immortal, but
gogmagog · iwill be there ep
easy action
desperado · bloody but un bowed
edge of eternity
elixir · lethal potion
iron maiden · number of the beast
the prisoner live
iron maiden · bbc archives
hallowed be thy name live
iron maiden · beast over hammersmith
empire of the undead
gamma ray · master of confusion ep
no way out
mortillery · origin of extinction