Powerchord Episode February 23, 2013

Broadcast on 23-Feb-2013

1:00pm - 5:00am

Andy brings you a spotlight on Razor and Reece returns the favour by giving you one on Voivod. Other bands played: Bloody Hammers, Archspire, Hate, Quo Vadis, Refusal, The Agonist... more! m/ m/

Track Listing:

Bounded By Desire
Revocation · Teratogenesis
I Always Lie
Throw the Goat · Black Mountain
Souls On Fire
Bloody Hammers · Bloody Hammers
Black Wizard · Black Wizard
City of Damnation
Razor · Live in Toronto
Instant Death
Razor · Evil Invaders
Rebel Onslaught
Razor · Malicious Intent
Hate · Solarflesh
Cleaning the Waste
Refusal · Grasp
Defeated Sanity · Passages Into Defromity
Abriosis · Vessel
Arise (Sepultura Cover)
Havok · Point of No Return
Witchery · Dont Fear the Reaper
World Scum
SoulFly · Enslaved
Deathless Ringing
Archspire · All Shall Align
Quo Vadis · Day Into Night
Dancers to a Discordant System
Meshuggah · Pitch Black
Thrashing Rage
Voivod · Rrrrrrooarrr
Voivod · Dimension Hatross
Your Coming With Me
The Agonist · Prisoners